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No matter your age, there’s lots to explore and learn at Govan Old!

Join the Govan Stones team for engaging learning activities including themed workshops and guided tours, arts & crafts drop-ins, living history re-enactment, dementia-friendly sessions, talks, lectures, film screenings, school visits, Young Archaeologist Club and much more.

Should your group have any preferred learning outcomes or additional support requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch ahead of your visit HERE. 

The Govan Stones team can happily accommodate various learning styles, whether your group prefer artistic workshops, sensory/ tactile activities, storytelling, or dementia-friendly reminiscence – just let us know what works best for your group!

For school group visits our learning workshops follow three broad themes. These fun and engaging workshops are also adaptable to suit any age range/ previous knowledge.

Our workshops:

Viking Scotland

Join us to learn about a moment in early medieval history when Govan was the realm of kings and Viking warriors plundered and conquered throughout the islands of Britain.  Get up close to the Govan hogbacks, the largest Viking gravestones ever discovered. Handle real archaeological artefacts, explore a recreated Viking boat burial, and try your hand at early medieval arts & crafts.

Archaeology Skills

How do we know what life was like for humans throughout history? Join us to find out how archaeological investigation lets us glimpse into the past. Discover the skills that make an archaeologist while handling, sorting, and recording real archaeological artefacts.  Tour the world-class archaeological discoveries made right here in Govan and get the inside scoop on the discoveries we might hope to make on future digs.

Graveyard Detectives

Think like a detective to examine and decode mysterious symbols found in burial sites throughout history! Join the Govan Stones team to explore the burial monuments at Govan Old, chronicling over 1000 years of life and death in Scotland.  Try your hand at citizen science to survey and record the condition of Govan’s historic graveyard monuments and help preserve the information for future generations.

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Video tours:

If your group can’t visit in person, get in touch to book an online tour, including virtual object handling and bespoke activities relevant to your learning objectives.


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The museum is currently closed.  We will re-open on April 1st 2024

Please get in touch if you want to bring a larger tour group. For more information please contact: info@thegovanstones.org.uk

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