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September 2023 Govan Old archaeology update.

Govan Heritage Trust invites you to get involved in two weeks of digging at Govan Old graveyard (4th September- 16th September). Excavations are being led by Professor Stephen Driscoll from the University of Glasgow and the fantastic team (Dave, Steve & Nicola) from Clyde Archaeology.

Hundreds of volunteers participated between the 2022 season and March this year.  During March we concentrated on probing for sunken monuments and many previously unknown gravestones have been discovered through this meticulous survey work.

This season we plan to:

1. To complete the trench on the west side of the church opened up in 2022. This small but archaeologically complex trench will begin at the early modern horizon and hopefully take us into the medieval era.

2. To examine the structures in the south-east corner of the churchyard, which in the 19th century were used to house the Govan Stones. This structure and an adjacent shed stand on the site of the original medieval entrance to the churchyard.

3. To continue the probing survey which locates buried grave stones, exposes and documents them.

Most of our volunteering places are now full for the dig itself but you can still visit the site and learn about the archaeological process and what we have found so far.  We will be having open days on Saturday 9th September (1-4pm) and Saturday 16th September (10am – 4:30pm).

Govan Old regularly plays host to a vibrant range of events, from STEM fun-days and living history re-enactment to art exhibitions and academic conferences. Keep an eye on upcoming Govan Old events including talks, drop-in activities, themed fun-days and more at the Govan Stones Eventbrite.

With Fleming Buildings appointed as main Phase 1 contractor in March 2021, the last 11 months have seen the steady transformation of Govan Old’s lower ground floor which comprises 3,000 sq ft of former church rooms that have lain vacant and unused for decades. Refurbishment and conversion of these to

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